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Hartmann's Under Arm Compound (Deodorant)

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 Hartmanns Under Arm Compound - Old Fashioned Quality Grooming Products


 Another inspired recipe from the 1940s but as always remade with ingredients to upgrade your bodys health. This simple mixture was created to give you a long lasting comfort and fresh smell while letting your body work at its best. You will still sweat like a man, this isnt an antiperspirant, our deodorants keep you cool and help to flush out toxins  

  • Using Arrow Root in our recipe helps make you feel dry while allowing your body to naturally release toxins.
  • Stay moisturized and soothe your under arm
  • Aluminium Free
  • 3 oz tin with Hartmanns Original Classic scent

    Directions. Apply finger tip size scoop and spread into arm pit 

    Ingredients Shea Butter, Arrow Root Powder, Coconut Oil, Fragrance

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