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Hartmann's - Rascals Brilliantine

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 Hartmanns Rascals Brilliantine - Old Fashioned Quality Grooming Products

Hartmanns Rascals Brilliantine is a very simple and easy reproduction of an old-fashioned, classic hair product that belongs to a class of its own. Made simply with mineral oils and fragrance, give yourself that old school, classic, high shine to your hair. Keeps your hair in place and is perfect for damaged hair and split ends. 

  • Classic High Shine
  • Perfect For Slick Back Style
  • Middleweight Hold
  • 4 oz Jar
  • The Original Classic Hartmann scent

Directions: Rub small amount into palms & Slick into hair, comb & style.

Ingredients: Petroleum, Organic Coconut Oil and Fragrance.

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