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Hartmanns Classic All Pourpose Balm - Old Fashioned Quality Grooming Products 

Apply Hartmanns Balm for multiple reasons - fresh tattoos, hands, face, body, lips and more. Use this old fashioned, mens Balm because its not like those others on the shelves, Hartmanns balm is made with particular selected ingredients proven to help protect and revive your skin, body, as well as to help aid in the recovery process of a fresh tattoo

  • 2oz Tin all 'Pourpose' Balm
  • For all manners of skin conditions, including dry, chapped, chaffed, calloused, cracked, sun-damaged skin and more
  • Whole-body natural skin care for face, lips, hands, feet, and body 
  • Only the finest oils and butters that are used in all Hartmanns products.
  • designed to help aid in the recovery during the healing process of your tattoo
  • The Original Classic Hartmann scent

Directions. Rub fingers in a circular motion on balm to collect balm on to fingers, apply as needed, massage into skin. 

Ingredients Shea Butter Coconut Oil Jojoba Oil Olive Oil Almond Oil Bees Wax Fragrance


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