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 I received a sample pack from @officialhartmanns of their hair cream and hair tonic to do a review of it and give my thoughts. So here we go! I'll start with the smell it's very clean barbershop smell and it's very strong all of my family said it smelt very very good. The second thing is the hold of the cream is great it's like a strong brylcreem. It applies very easy and it has a very nice hold and a great shine. I was able to get some good height with it and great control. My hair is covered in waves and cow licks and this really tamed them but also kept the hair loose and combable throughout the day. It doesn't dry out my hair and leave it stiff and flakey. I recommend you go give his product a try you won't be disappointed! And you'll be supporting a great small business get started

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So the Hartmann's Company. What can I say other than simply
amazing. I have been going from pomade to pomade looking for what seemed right. Some to heavy or some a pain to apply. I still enjoy them, but nothing compared to @officialhartmanns hair cream. It's light in my hair, almost like nothing is there. But it holds perfectly throughout my work day. It feels good, and doesn't leave my hair feeling dry like so many others. All natural ingredients are Shea butter, coconut oil & raw honey. My pictures are over a 12hr period starting a few hours before work at the office and right after. I decided to not touch up my hair. As you can see it's still looks good. Now originally I bought the sample pack. The only company that does it so far that I've found. One sample pouch later I ordered 3 full jars of cream and one tonic. On to the scent. Its a nice vintage smell in my opinion. It's there all day but subtle. My lady enjoyed the look and scent as well so that gives it another bonus for me. Now if you are still on the fence try the sample pack. But be warned, you will want more. For me it's a 5 out of 5 btw. I'm done looking people. Get to gaming and look good doing it.



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