Hoodlums - Band and Artist Program 

The Hartmann Company is now accepting applications for bands and artists to begin a partnership to help musicians and our company grow together. Our plan is to create relationships with bands, artists and musicians to connect, network, promote, and grow together. We want to connect with each and every band and artist(s) individually. If interested please fill out the application below, we will research and do our best to figure out if you are the best fit for our brand and how we can work together. 

About The Hartmann Company

The Hartmann Company is a Old Fashioned Grooming that has a passion for the vintage, old school side of life while bringing modern health to your style. Here at The Hartmann Company we have taken the time and research to create grooming products that take recipes from the 1930s and 1940s and have replaced certain pieces with healthier ingredients to help your skin, scalp and hair perform and look at its best and giving you that classic look and feel.           Instantly you will fall in love with our classic scent which is across the board in all of our products, so you can use all of our products at once and have that smell which will last and the dames will fall for! Not only will you have an amazing, lasting scent on you, but you will be looking great and feeling amazing! 

I started The Hartmann Company after using pomades (new & old) for many years and finding my hair to be dried out and my scalp developing very bad dandruff and nothing would seem to help. I figured if I took my favorite products of the golden age and took out some of the ingredients that are known now to damage or dry your hair, scalp and skin out and replace those with organic and natural ingredients that are proven to revive and rejuvenate your body then I would have something for myself. I didnt know that everywhere I would go I would be complimented so much and asked about what I use and how to get it. 


The Highlights for Hoodlums

Our program is a 'Win-Win' partnership with Bands and Artists. Our plan is to set up relationships that will last and will create a positive growing experience for both, The Hartmann Company and You. We want to be able to make connections and network and allow bands to network with each other. 

  • Exclusive - The Hartmann Company Hoodlums starter box 
  • Momentous discounts on purchases 
  • An exclusive commission code for your network
  • Cross promoting & social media content sharing opportunities
  • Ad banner with both your logo and our logo for websites 
  • Featured on our Music Playlist (youtube, spotify, etc) 
  • and more