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What is an Endorsement ?

An endorsement is when a company believes in the success of a band or an artist so much that they are willing to offer the band or artist price discounts on products in order to help them succeed. In exchange the band is to proudly promote this company every way they can.

(Example - Posting logos and links back to Endorsers).

What does an Endorsement with The Hartmann Company mean?

The Hartmann Company has always surrounded itself around music and the Classic, Vintage lifestyle and we wants to give back. The Hartmann Company wants to help hard working determined artists & bands get the look and feel they need to do what they do best, Entertain & Perform.

Accept and fill out the form (on the next page). If approved you will receive an email detailing how you can receive

  • 35% off online orders with a specific promo code sent to your email
  • Advertisement promo space on our website for your act, promoting a wide arrange of things (website, podcast, new album, etc)
  • Logos & Stickers swap from The Hartmann Company (to add to your website/equipment etc.)


Are you ready for an endorsement? / What is The Hartmann Company looking for?

We believe that Endorsements are like rewards to bands and artists who have put the time and dedication into their music & arts and really believe in what they are doing. Although we have no set criteria for who qualifies for an endorsement. Here are some things we think you should ask yourself if you are serious about having success:

  • Have you established yourself on the internet?
  • Are you touring? Recording?
  • Are people listening to you? (social media/youtube stats)
  • Have you figured out that music is a balance between business and pleasure?
  • You tell us why you are ready!

Ideas of, but not limited to, types of people we are looking for

  • Bands
  • Pin ups
  • Burlesque dancers
  • Vlog/Blog/Website/Radio Hosts


Do I have to sign a contract?

We believe in helping and providing amazing grooming products to our artists. If you don't feel our products or service is right for you, then you are free to go your own way. You reading and accepting these terms is binding however. So if you disagree with anything found on this page, then perhaps The Hartmann Company is not for you.

Any Questions?

If you are interested but have more questions, please feel free to email AceHartmann@TheHartmannCompany.com


By clicking "I Accept" it means you've read the above and agree & understand what is expected of you as a Hartmann Company Endorsed Artist. The Hartmann Company has the right to terminate any endorsement at any time for any reason.