What is Hair Tonic

 I have seen alot of misuse and misleading descriptions of hair tonics, how they are used and what they do. The best one I have seen and the one I would like to share from you is from sharpologist.com and it states the following about hair tonics:

"Hair tonic is an “old school” hair styling product.  It makes the hair look glossier (though some say greasier), something which many people viewed as a sign of healthy hair.  The oils in the hair tonic also help hold the hair in place, making it easier to style, much like mousse or hair spray.   They differ from other hair styling products in that they are almost always a liquid (except for “pomade,” a hair tonic that comes in a gelatinous or other semi-solid form), with mineral oil or liquid petroleum jelly being the primary ingredient.  Some types may also include ingredients like ethanol and something to give the product a scent.  In the 1950s and 60s, hair tonics were in widespread use but fell out of favor with the introduction of styling gel, mousse and a variety of other products.  However, with a return to traditional barbering and grooming techniques, hair tonics are enjoying something of a revival."

Hair tonic is an alternative to pomades, gels, sprays, etc. not an addition to these products. The Hartmann Company does not plan to go in the direction of pomades, gels or any other type of hair products as we want to keep to the 'old school' 'vintage' traditional origins dating from the 1930s, 40s and early 50s hair products where Hair Tonic was in popular, daily use. I personally have researched and experimented for years with other products and have seen first hand the damage other hair products have done to my hair and scalp and that is why I created The Hartmann Company. I wanted a classic, traditional hair product that would help restore, revive and rejuvenate hair and scalp to health and that is what The Hartmann Company products have done.

Try our products when you order our Sample Pack or give our Hair Tonic a full run. If you are one that loves vintage, retro fashion then we know you will love The Hartmann Company products.

Original. Classic. Hartmanns.

The Hartman Company


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