What is Brilliantine?

Brilliantine is a hair-grooming product intended to soften men's hair, including beards and moustaches, and give it a glossed up, well-groomed appearance. Brilliantine is a very light, slick, shiny grooming product that holds light hair very well, using ingredients such as mineral oils and fragrance. 

      Taken from vintagedancer.com "In the 1920s, men were almost always wearing a hat. While the trend faded with the young collegiate men, the hairstyle for both hatted and unhatted men were the same. The look was for flat, slicked, shiny, medium length hair. The helmet like appearance of men’s hair produced a few nick names for the style such as “Patent Leather” hair or “helmet head.” What we might call “hat hair” today would have been the style to wear throughout all of the 1920s. Only minor changes occurred in men’s hairstyle during the decade. To get the slick look, a product called Brilliantine was used." 


      The slick straight back look stayed popular throughout the late 1950s although other products were created to give off different styles, Brilliantine has always given the best slick, sleek, shine to the hair, keeping your hair together and neat, which was the the foundation to all  mens hairstyles from the early 1900s to the 1950s and still holding ground in style and grooming today.  With Hartmanns get that Golden Age look and Golden Age feel, with the finest vintage inspired recipes and healthier, stronger ingredients, no better way to start than pick up a jar of Hartmanns - Rascal Brilliantine today! 



Why Hartmanns - Rascal Brilliantine? because we have stayed with the classic recipe adding coconut oil, which helps grow longer, thicker, stronger hair, the vitamins and essential fatty acids naturally found in coconut oil nourishes the scalp and help to remove sebum build-up from hair follicles. Also using USP petroleum jelly which gives a perfect layer on your scalp to keep moisturized allowing your hair to breathe and heal. We have also added the classic, original Hartmanns fragrance which goes into all of our products which has been said "best scent in the business."

   If you are one that loves vintage, retro fashion then we know you will love Hartmanns - Rascal Brilliantine and our other Golden Age Grooming products.

Original. Classic. Hartmanns.

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