Living A Vintage Lifestyle? You Should Really Know Your History



        As we all know, VLV and six other big promotions of vintage weekenders have pulled the plug of the use of the "Rebel flag" also known as ONE of the confederate flags they had - well sort of. from 1861 -1865 the confederate states of America CSA had chosen three different flags to represent the CSA, the 'rebel flag' never being an official flag but kinda of being apart the second csa flag kind of...

    A small square box on the top left corner where the battle flag laid and white all around it...why is there so much white? well the designer of the flag, William Tappan Thompson said "As a national emblem, it is significant of our higher cause, the cause of a superior race, and a higher civilization contending against ignorance, infidelity, and barbarism. Another merit in the new flag is, that it bears no resemblance to the now infamous banner of the Yankee vandals". This flag was dubbed by Thompson as 'the white mans flag'. In 1865 the flag was replaced because in battles, it looked as if they were taking just a white 'i quit' flag to war. Then in 1865 Robert E. Lee and the rest of the confederates surrendered. 

   There is a difference between the battle flag which is small and square opposed to the "rebel flag" which is rectangle and a full sized banner. A battle flag is an emblem you wear in war, this one we are talking about was the emblem for the army of Northern Virginia, led by Robert E. Lee but after 1865 when the war ended the flag was put away and disappeared. The battle flag was incorporated into the Mississippi state flag in 1894, but other than that it was silent from the rest of the worlds eyes for years.  

   It wasn't until 1948 over 80 years after the Civil War ended that the flag was predominantly used again this time in opposition of Harry Trumans effort for equality, which included desegregation of the armed forces. Up popped the 'dixiecrats' a short-lived segregationist political party that wanted to break away from the democratic party. In 1948 they held their own convention where the battle flag became the banner as we now it see it and the 'dixiecrats' used the new banner as their symbol.

     Because of this southern movement with the new political party and their opposed views on racial integration, that same year this banner or so called 'rebel flag' or 'dixie flag' was adopted by the KKK as their views and ideology lined up and became the primary symbol for the opposition of the Civil Rights Movement in the 60s. Breaking down the history of this modern historical flag, it has a one hundred percent racial and desegregated background, historically nothing behind this flag says equality.

NOW with that said, it does not mean it does not belong in the rockabilly community or that it still has the hatred and disgusting history as it did before years, until i read this, written about teddy boys and rockabilly greasers taken from

"The 1970s saw Glam Rock and Rockabilly styled bands appear in Britain and, although the Teds despised most of this music, it brought a resurgence of interest in Rock and Roll and new venues appeared. Many teenagers bought second hand drape jackets, hid the moth holes with badges and became the new generation of Teddyboys and Teddygirls. British Rock and Roll bands developed their own style, using guitar blues and rockabilly to give their music more bite. Rock and Roll pubs would put on bands of this type and also play original 1950s records. This, the dancing and the beer created an unique entertainment experience. The Seventies also saw the appearance of the Rockabilly, Basing their look on poor white boys from the American South, they adopted the Confederate Flag as their emblem, usually shown alone and without flag poles, and avoided rock and roll that was based on blues sounds or performed by black artists. Rock and Roll disk jockeys stopped playing music that Rockabillies didn't like and the Teds realized  that they had new rivals for their Rock and Roll venues. There were a lot of fights and many Rock and Roll venues closed."  

Another site confirms this - "The main adepts of Rockabilly founded a new movement called (Rockabilly Rebs). Some of them embraced the politics of the British National Front and of racial segregation. They wore the Confederate flag."


I am guessing you can go look up the history of teddy boys and rockabilly in the U.K. and find the same thing, because history doesnt seem to lie and the evidence points to the confederate flag, the rebel flag, the dixie flag, whatever you want to call it, no matter what frame of history you look, this emblem is covered in racism and segregation. 

I support Viva Las Vegas, Viva East, Rockabilly Rave and all the other promoters and weekenders that have removed this historical hateful flag. I personally hope it will be removed from rockabilly all together, i have never bought anything either it be records, merch or items of clothing, etc with this imagery on it, Not that I thought it was representing racial white supremacy in the way it was being presented, but I always knew that this flag had deep history in representing everything i don't stand for. So good riddance to the flag and the followers of the flag. I think this is a great thing and will weed out the haters in the community and it will be just that once again, a community. 




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