Always Staying Classic

The Hartmann Company started with one thing in mind, creating products that mirror those of the 1930s and 1940s but recreate them for better results. I had started using classic pomades and tonics about 17 years ago in highschool, not sure if it was me getting older, using products for the years I had or a mixture of both. One thing I knew was that my hair was getting very dry and brittle, falling out much more than i thought it should with each run through of the comb and not only that but my scalp was very itchy and developed flakes, embarrassing flakes. I kept switching up various products, specialty shampoos, everything but nothing seemed to work. I began to get frustrated and was about to just stop but then i decided to do some research and research and more research spending all my time in my kitchen trying to come up with a balanced, perfect recipe that still holds to the classics but original and updated to help my issues. Thus The Hartmann Company was born! while researching I found a big community of pomade enthusiasts to learn from and stay connected with, one thing i learned from alot of these home brewers  was a lot of them were trying to recreate the wheel, I realized that wasn't for me or what I wanted my company to try and do. Hartmanns products are intended to hold their ground with those vintage grooming products (which from reviewers and customers response they do) 


 With all that said, Hartmanns Hair Cream, Hartmanns Hair Tonic, Hartmanns Brilliantine and Hartmanns One Round Jack Pomade will be the only mens hair products that will be released, no more clays, fibers, etc will be experimented with or produced. In 2019 we plan to release a classic, old school deodorant paste, shaving cream/lotion as well as looking at the ladies side of things, but the big thing we want to make clear is that all of our products here on out will be reflecting products of the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s: Always Staying Classic! 

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