Hartmanns'Golden Age' Grooming


The Hartmann Company

In 2001 I began using pomades and grooming products but noticed quickly how damaging my hair, scalp and skin had become using these products, creating embarrassing dandruff and dry skin. I quickly started seeking out products that would dissolve this dilemma, with no luck. I begun to realize and research all these ingredients and chemicals that I never heard of, let alone pronounce on these labels. I decided to take the time to learn which ingredients I could replace to make a better, healthier product. My love for the vintage, nostalgic, classic lifestyle brought me back to the simple basics. Not only did my hair, scalp and skin clear up and begin to look amazing, but people were stopping me and asking me what I use in my hair and what cologne I wear, replying to them, "I don't wear cologne, its Hartmanns".